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Environmental Service

We offer several on-site and off-site treatment for oily/hazardous waste with oil recovery (SLTS) in various industries. Our environmental services in Singapore and sludge/wastewater cleaning treatment incorporates careful process in dealing with recovered wastes. We develop systematic procedures that offer convenience for our clients when it comes with hazardous waste management. We ensure that our services are a working solution for bringing optimal results for industrial environments

wastewater treatment

Waste Water Treatment

ATPL works in partnership with customers at their sites to deal directly with wastes and recoverables at the point of generation.
We allocate our dedicated specialists to your premises to coordinate all aspects of waste management, including segregation, sorting, collection and recovery. By doing so, we lift the burden of waste management from customers, reduce cost, and enhance recycling and sustainability outcomes.

oily sludge

Oily Sludge Treatment (Click here for video)

We provide customers with excellent solutions to manage and treat oily sludge. In Singapore, large scale industrial processes will tend to produce large amounts of sludge as a by-product. While sludge disposal is one option, it is usually costly and there are few vendors that are able to handle such treatments. Hence, sludge treatment is opted for instead to reduce waste disposal cost, and in the process oil can be recovered for industrial usage.

Our Solid-Liquid Treatment System consists of a Sludge Receiving Tank, Homogenizing Tank, Filtration Tank, a Solid-Liquid Separation System, and Precautionary Overflow Tank, and a Generator for the overall operations. 

soil stabilization

Soil Stabilization

Stabilization processes are provided to physically and chemically encapsulate wastes prior to landfill disposal. This valued service will cease the potential release of hazardous constituents from the waste. Contaminated material is located, collected and transferred to a stabilization plant located within the site.
The ATPL stabilization plant comprises the feed system for the contaminated material, dry and liquid reagent storage, metering and weigh transfer equipment, process mixers, dust control, product transfer all housed within twenty-foot containers for ease of mobility

oil recovery

Oil Recovery

To recover oil from sludge treatment using 2&3 phase decanters. We provide integrated service solution with our SLTS (Solid Liquid Treatment System) with Hazop analyse and approval.

soil remdiation

Soil Remediation/Landfill

To remove pollution from soil thus meet the landfill requirement. ATPL provide various of solutions for different kinds of contaminated soil.

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