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Robotic Manless Tank Desludging/ Cleaning Services

We offer specialised tank cleaning for a storage tank in various types and sized with Manless (ESOT) Robotic and other methods. Advance Technic uses effective and proven technologies in handling oil tank storage cleaning and sludge removal efficiently. Our tank cleaning robots have been tested to provide satisfactory results, results that testify the capability of delivering optimal effects and competitive performance. Hence why robotic tank cleaning services are now widely used for conventional cleaning/desludging solution for oil tanks.

manless robotic cleaner

Manless Tank Desludging with full robotic with/without SLTS treatment


ATPL ESOT (Equipment Set for Remotely Controlled Removal of Sludge from Oil Tanks) is the first robot in the world certified for the explosive environment of ATEX Zone 0 and certified for remotely controlled sludge removal from oil tanks.
The remotely steered ADEX rover – the carrier for the suction hose is certified for ATEX Zone 0. The personnel operates the rover from the air-conditioned TVC cabin which is certified for ATEX zones 1 and 2.

semi robotic cleaning with man entry

Semi Robotic Cleaning with Man Entry


ATPL provide cleaning, blasting, coating services with semi-robotic.

oil washing method

Manless tank cleaning via oil washing method with/without SLTS treatment


This work method is use for re-suspension of sludge/solid in tank for on-site treatment to recover hydrocarbon and reduce cost for solid waste disposal. To enable client to do blending of feed stock prior to process plant

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